How Yoga and Meditation Reduces Depression and Other Mental Health Issues

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that disciplines the mind and body through a series of poses known as asanas. Each asana is held for a period of time with the aim of strengthening the mind as well as the body, due to the concentration required to hold the pose. Fans of yoga have found that they are able to transfer this skill to other areas of their life, particularly when they are feeling anxious because they are able to slow down their breathing and also their heart rate.

Yoga is also about connecting with yourself buy dibutylone insight into your inner self. When depression strikes, it is said that the person has lost the connection to themselves. Devotees of yoga claim that it has amazing inner healing powers and because of this, yogis (those who practice yoga) are able to deal with depression and other mental health problems better than those who do not practice the discipline. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand, and aside from their numerous health benefits, they are a viable alternative to drugs for those people who suffer from depression and other mental health problems.

Studies have found that yoga is helpful in cases of depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar conditions and other mental health problems. In the UK, yoga is being offered as a form of alternative therapy on the NHS. In New York, yoga is offered as a treatment by psychiatrists to their patients. Meditation is an excellent way to help calm and focus the mind as well as deal with negativity and replace them with positive thoughts and a happier mindset. Research has found meditation to be highly effective in treating depression and preventing severe bouts of depression from returning.

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